Member Dues


We have a limited membership of 125 families. There is currently a waitlist to join the club. Please sign up on the waitlist and we will contact you once we have a membership available for you to purchase. We are currently over one year (almost 2 swim seasons) from sign up on the waitlist to purchase. Please note that this can change at any time.

Family Membership


Returning members will receive an email invoice to renew. Dues and Assessments are due by April 15th every year. If Dues and Assessments are not paid by April 15th, a $35.00 late fee is assessed and delinquent accounts are subject to interest charges.

Family Pool Membership    Sign in to purchase

Join our Waitlist


If you are interested in joining our club for the first time, start by purchasing below. Once your order is processed, you will be sent a follow up email with instructions to complete the application and you will be offered a membership when one becomes available.

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