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Dues & Assessments
Dues & Assessments

We try to do everything in our power to keep the club affordable. Here is what you need to know about dues and assessments:

What are the annual dues?
Annual dues are $745.

What is the assessment?
There is also currently a $500 annual assessment to cover the costs of our renovation.

When are the dues and assessments due?
Dues and Assessments are due by April 1st every year. If Dues and Assessments are not paid by April 1st, a $35.00 late fee is assessed and delinquent accounts are subject to interest charges.

Does the club charge interest if the dues and assessments are not paid on time?
A late charge is assessed on all unpaid Dues and Assessments. In addition, interest at the maximum allowable rate under the law accrues against the unpaid balance.

Do I need to pay in full?
Yes. All members are required to pay their dues in full by April 1st. Members will not be allowed to swim until their dues are paid in full.

Can I pay installments?
Dues must be paid by April 1st every year. Statements are sent to each member in February. Paying in installments is acceptable as long as all dues are paid in full prior to the pool opening. Any amount not paid by April 1 will be assessed a late fee. Members will not be allowed to swim until their dues are paid in full.

What is the difference between dues and assessments?
Dues are the fees members pay to operate the club for the year. The assessment is an expense shared among all the club members to pay for the loan used to make the pool code compliant, create a safer pool area, and make general cosmetic improvements.

How long is the assessment?
The assessment is currently forecasted to be paid in full in 2038.

Why did the club choose an assessment instead of raising dues?
In order to make the code specific renovations, update equipment, and make general cosmetic improvements, the club required an immediate infusion of capital that could not be quickly attained by raising membership dues. Members should also be aware that the assessment is temporary. Once the assessment has been paid in full, members will then only be required to pay membership dues unless new capital projects are needed and a new assessment is approved by the members.

What was the assessment used for?
The assessment was used to bring the pool up to current code requirements, replace old and outdated equipment, and make general cosmetic improvements to the club as a whole.